Digital Headend

The core equipment for encoding and multiplexing is based on technology from Harmonic.
EPG generation and SI processing is provided on CASIS server from SeaChange
Contribution streams with automatic redundancy switching - Appear TV. Pro Bel matrixes switch over ASI/SDI/HDSDI inputs

Fully redundant infrastructure provides tens of transports streams feeding satellite transponders on Astra 3, 23.5 East, Astra 1, 19,2E, EUTELSAT 9E as well as DVB-T,  MMDS and cable networks. All equipment is installed in air conditioned rooms powered by redundant power supplies, backed with diesel motor generator and UPS units.

All sites are fed by several contribution networks coming via satellite or via local IP networks. Direct access to main local connectivity providers on all sites allows interconnection and signal distribution on global level.
Full 24/7/365 operation is secured by highly professional trained team.

Conditional Access Systems

E4C Group manages various CA Systems for several business partners. E4C multiplexers add CA system information such as Irdeto ICE, Irdeto, Viaccess, Nagra, and Conax into the live broadcasting to ensure the secure content distribution.

Fixed ground satellite stations (uplinks)

E4C companies operate in Czech Republic and Hungary 4 static uplink stations, transmitting to SES telecommunication geostationary satellite ASTRA 3B at 23,5E position, and EUTELSAT 9E.

Our uplinks:
  1. Antenna 4,6 m works in Ku band (uplink frequency in 14 GHz range) built in England by ADVENT Company. Our Ku Band uplink was completely renewed and modernized in 2011 year by German ND SatCom. Uplink is designed as a fully redundant system with two 400W HPA (with TWT tubes). In normal running condition the transmitted power is around 90W only, with a great power reserve guaranteeing long life.
  2. Antenna 3,7 m works in DBS Band (uplink frequency in 17 GHz range) and can transmit two carriers to two satellite DBS transponders in the same polarization. This uplink is built by British Gigasat. Two high-power TWT amplifiers with 750W tubes. Are installed in the nearby rack-container. Uplink is operated as a fully redundant 1+1 system, capable of DVB-S or/and DVB-S2 multiplexes with many TV and radio programs.

  3. ASC 3.7 m antenna with 4 port DBS band feed and two 750 W amplifiers in 1+1 redundancy, built by NDSatCom.

  4. Patriot “batwing” antenna with a reflector equivalent to a 3.8 m diameter antenna. This antenna is currently configured with 1:1 DBS band 750 W amplifiers and a 2 port DBS feed. Ku band feed is also available if required. The antenna is motorized without steptracking

In addition to the fixed ground stations another 2.2m GigaSat DBS flyaway antenna is available for short term broadcasts or double illumination with non-redundant 750W CPI amplifier configuration.

24/7 System and Service Monitoring

Monitoring technology

Appear TV
Signal receiving from a variety of sources including satellite (DVB-S/S2), IP networks or local ASI feeds.
Selected services can be descrambled, multiplexed and streamed to IP network.

Multiviewers Evertz MViP, MViPII
With multi-image display monitoring solution E4C is efficiently monitoring a lot of of audio and video services with alarms monitoring.
SNMP communication provides an overview of the actual status and status history of each device with defined access for our partners.

Signal analysis:
Dektec Transport-Stream Analyzer  - real-time analysis, monitoring and recording of MPEG-2 transport streams with ETR 290 measurement
Anritsu Handheld Spectrum analyzer - Signal spectrum analysis with frequency range 9 kHz – 20 GHz
Promax TV Explorer HD+ analyzer (DVB-S2/T2) – Measurements, Spectrum analyser, Signal decoding

STB testing